Job Req ID:  1386
Date:  Nov 14, 2023
Tradebe Site:  Tradebe Sunderland

Sunderland, SND, GB

Department:  Operations
Business Line:  Life Sciences




About Chemicals | Tradebe Chemicals offers a global sourcing of chemicals, innovative development of new and/ or existing products, process optimization, flexible chemical processing to a high specification (standard, complex and multi-step) and the safe delivery of chemicals through our established delivery network. In addition, we also offer ancillary services including storage, filling, packaging and labelling.



The senior operator will possess a range of chemical plant operating skills for effective support and control over equipment and processes. Experience and knowledge gained working within top tier CoMAH regulations including corresponding environmental, health and safety legislative requirements is fundamental to this role.



  1. Operation of Hendon dock process plant and supporting utilities as per process operating instructions and technical documentation.
  2. Provide suitable coaching and training for Hendon operators as requested by the shift manager.
  3. Provide cover for colleague’s holidays as requested by the holiday request system highlighting to shift manager any issues, similarly ensure requests are made with sufficient notice and that cover is provided for your own holidays in advance.
  4. If necessary provide cover for yard operators to control bulk transfers of all materials to and from the correct storage location.
  5. Highlight to the shift manager any issues with the maintenance teams or contractors working on site under the permit to work system.
  6. Support to the shift manager in an emergency situation out of hours in the event of an on-site incident.
  7. Reporting all equipment defects and alarms to the shift manager ensuring unsafe items are suitably isolated and communicated.
  8. Monitor and control off site emissions as per consent limits, communicating all deviations/adjustments to the shift manager.
  9. Promote a positive health and safety culture by maintaining good housekeeping standards, wearing correct PPE, reporting any near misses observed and isolating any unsafe situations.
  10. Striving to improve plant operation and control through continuous improvement suggestions and participation in initiatives.



  1. Operate S1, S2, S3 and pan drier operation by monitoring process parameters and performing in-process analysis as per operating instructions.
  2. Monitor and test the operation of the site utility equipment to ensure that they are operated within the technical document guidance parameters.
  3. Regularly monitor and review process run sheets for any non-standard deviations thus ensuring that the plants are operating both safely and as per process operating instructions.
  4. All process connections and alignments using flexible hoses are correctly set-up and installed, they must be doubly checked prior to use.
  5. Housekeeping standards are maintained around the plant and in particular when using flexible hoses.
  6. Adequate equipment draining and cleaning is undertaken prior to changing over materials thus avoiding any contamination.
  7. Ensure suitable in process standards are used and calibrations are performed to for all in process checks.
  8. Suitable cleaning, isolations and handover to maintenance and or contractors of plant equipment through the permit to work system.
  9. Assess risks associated with everyday tasks and operations ensuring that assessments in place are suitable and up to date.
  10. In the event of a Major Accident Hazard scenario to act as the deputy for the shift manager in the event of the emergency services being called to site.
  11. Transfer and obtain samples for the site effluent system as per technical document.
  12. Minimise site emissions through the correct venting of plant, equipment and road barrels using the site VOC system.
  13. As instructed by shift manager ensure that all daily and environmental checks and tests are performed including equipment rotation and reporting any faults onto the maintenance system.
  14. Communicate all activities and any faults, breakdowns, isolations, near misses or alarms to the shift manager.



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